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Places of interest


Immediately before our door there is the Obermarkt wich belongs to the remarkable place. The Trench ruler held in 1813 an army show from the balcony of the so-called Napoleon's houseauses.


The well at the upper market comes from 1590. At that time he served as an Ornamental and Schöpfbrunnen and was extended in the course of the following centuries steadily, was changed and moved. Today he stands again on his original place.

City hall

The city hall of Görlitz was mentioned already in the 14th century, the clock in the city hall tower comes from 1524.

Meridian stone

Approach to the town hall you find the meridian stone. This registers that the 15th meridian (longitude east) runs through the middle of Görlitz.

Old Town bridge

Since October 2014 the new Old Town bridge connects both side of the Neiße again. With it three formerly seven bridges span the river again and Görlitz/Zgorzelec moves up again closer. From the hotel the bridge is to be reached at 5 walking minutes.

Whispering curves

The round arch main entrance – under the name Flüsterbogen famously – comes from the late Gothic. He owns a Kehlung, which transfers the sound of one side to the others.

Hunter's barracks

On the mountain Helter, an elevation on the northwest Old Town border, the barrack construction originated in 1854-1858 for the 5th hunter's battailion (originally 1st protection department).
Really the construction perfect in 1858 with massive facades from quarrystone and bricks worked like a fortress.

Churches in Görlitz

Church of Our Lady, holy mind church, holy cross church, St. Jakobus cathedral, cross church, Luther church, Nikolai church, parish church St. Peter & Paul, former synagogue, holy grave.

Oder-Neiße-cycle track

ur hotel is also in the Oder-Neiße cycle track, to one of the nicest river cycle tracks in germany.
From Zittau, by Görlitz up to the Stettiner lagoon there are about 470 whell kilometres wich you drive down on the German Polish border. Enjoy a look at the Neißeviadukt and the Landskron brwery in Görlitz.
In Görlitz one has binding to the "Saxon town route" or "bicycle route through medieval towns".

via regia

In a document Görlitz was mendioned for the first time in 1071. The Town originated in the intersection more considerably of Euroean commercial ways. One was of it „via regia“ which led from Kiew to Santiago de Compostela.
Thanks to here Görlitz developed in the course of the centuries to a high-powered centre of trade and the sciences whose heir one can experience even today.
Our hotel has lain at the beginning via regia, with the upper market. Every year this commercial way is built up exactly before our door and is celebrated.


The Kaisertrutz is one of once 32 bastions which owned the city of Görlitz in the defence. Today another 4 of them are received.

Registry office

The registry office is in the city hall at the untermarket, only few metres away from our hotel.

Landskron brewery

Experience the charm of the most eastern brewery of Germany. Already since 1869 the delightful Landskron beer wich is to be had today in different variations is brewed.

Beside the abovementioned places of interest there is a huge number of other places wich replays to have a look at it. Among the rest, the cemeter, different monuments and statues, green situations and parks, the animal park and more. The tourist info is directly beside our hotel. There you receive extensive information.


Landskron Brauerei