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The Silesian Oasis at Brüderstrasse in Görlitz


The Silesian Oasis is the name of our restaurant which is located in the Guest House at 2 Brüderstrasse in Görlitz. This is a very spacious and cosy place, with rustic wall decor, tablecloth and comfortable chairs. This is a place where you can relax and enjoy the taste of traditional Silesian cuisine.

There is a selection of delicious dishes to choose from - both for those who feel a little hungry and those who strive for bigger portions. All of the dishes are prepared following the traditional Silesian recipes (they are grandma’s classic recipes!). Only fresh ingredients and a pinch of love are added. These include pierogi and Silesian dumplings, among others. The menu is changed daily and it often depends on the availability of seasonal items.

We hope you will enjoy your meal at our restaurant in the Old Town of Görlitz. To get just a taste of it, you can check out our menu here.

The Silesian Oasis Team



Beetroot Carpaccio
with Sheep Milk Cheese
7,50 €
Pork Ragout
topped with cheese and baked in the oven,
served with lemon and bread
4,50 €
Silesian Blood Sausage
with Mustard and Bread
5,50 €
Homestyle Pork Lard Spread
on fresh bread with pickles
5,50 €

Side Salads

Mixed Green Salad 3,80 €
Granny's Beet Salad 3,50 €


Chef's Soup of the Day 4,50 €
Chicken Soup with vegetables 4,50 €
Solyanka Soup 4,90 €
Sour Rye Soup served in a Bread Bowl
with eggs and sausage
6,80 €

From Silesian Cuisine

Silesian Cracow Sausage
with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut
8,50 €
Hunter's Stew with Boiled Potatoes
9,90 €
Silesian Heaven
Pork with dried fruit sauce and Silesian dumplings
12,80 €
Silesian Veal Schnitzel 15,80 €
Pork Roast with Red Wine Sauce
with Silesian dumplings
12,50 €
Beef Roulades
with red Cabbage and Silesian dumplings
15,50 €
Chef's Pork Knuckle
with braised sauerkraut and potatoes
15,50 €

Silesian Beef Cheeks
15,80 €

Mother-In-Law's Favorites

Homestyle Pierogi
with meat and mushroom sauce
12,50 €
Homestyle Pierogi
with your choise of stuffing, pan-fried with butter
and sautéed onions
8,80 €
Granny#s Silesian Dumplings
with beef, pan-fried with bacon and sutéed onions
10,50 €
Wanderer#s Meal
Pan-fried pasta with bacon and eggs
all topped with cheese and baked in the oven
9,50 €

Vegetarian Meals

Chef's Soup of the Day 4,50 €
Mixed Salad Platter
with sheep milk cheese
9,50 €
with your choise of vegetarian stuffing
8,80 €
Vegetarian Hunter's Stew with Bread or Potatoes
White cabbage, sauerkraut, apples and prunes
9,50 €
Homestyle Pasta with Vegetables
topped with cheese and baked in the oven
9,50 €

Broiled and Pan-Fried Foods

Vienna Pork Schnitzel
with fried potatoes
10,50 €
Pork Schnitzel with Fried Egg
with fried potatoes
10,80 €
Pork Steak au Four
Baked with cheese Ragout, served with French fries
12,50 €
Veal Schnitzel with Fried Egg
served with fried potatoes
15,80 €
Silesian Oasis Grilledn Meat Platter
Three types of meat with potatoe wedges and tzatziki sauce
15,80 €
Chicken Breast with Mushrooms
served with potato wedges
12,60 €
Sesame-Coated Chicken Breast
served with French fries and seasonal salad
12,60 €
Chef's Pork Medallions
with mushroom sauce
15,50 €

Create your own dish by choosing different intredients

Fish Dishes

Broiled Salmon
on top of rice with Mediterranean-style vegetables
15,50 €
Granny's Trout
Oven Baked Trout
12,50 €
Mom's Pickled Herring
9,50 €


Silesian Oasis
Natural yoghurt with honey and finely diced roasted walnuts
4,70 €
Rasperry Dream
Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries
4,70 €
White Lady
Vanilla ice cream with crumbled meringue and egg liqueur
5,50 €
Black Lady
Vanilla and chocolate ice cream with crumbled meringue and Baileys
5,50 €
Warm Cheesecake
with vanilla ice cream and berry sauce
5,50 €
Homestyle Poppy Seed Silesian Dumplings
5,50 €

Silesian Oasis offers fresh homemade cakes on a daily basis.

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