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Geschichte des Gästehauses - wie alles begonnen hat


The Guest House of Italia Hotel is located at 2 Brüderstrasse and dates back to the Renaissance period – exactly to the year of 1480. Brüderstrasse is situated in the historical Old Town and connects the upper with the lower side of the market. Its name comes from the Franciscan Monks whose monastery’s earlier location was in the Upper Market (Obermarkt).

The former brewery at 2 Brüderstrasse has been reconstructed many times. In 1504, two neighbouring houses were united to the building located at 2 Brüderstrasse. After 1717, the building was given a Baroque façade. Therefore You can actually still see a stucco ceiling in many rooms. It has been very well preserved, as well as a mural painting on the second floor. In the late 19th century, some small shops were opened inside the building

Today, the Old Town Building, as well as many other historical monuments in Görlitz, are supervised by the Conservation Officer. We had refurbished it with great care and, in 2011, it was completely renovated. We have managed to preserve the original tone and mood of that place and created a vivid and light Mediterranean atmosphere.

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